Portal of Grace

Presence and Charusila

Your journey to transformation starts here!


There is a crack beyond the veil. A light so bright, It’s blinding to the shielded eye; But fully open And heart awake, It blazes a trail to follow, Step by step, Breath by breath.

If you land upon the crack You fall… And you will never land again But free-falling comes to be A natural way of life. You no longer need any nets for living. Your security is the moment And you trust it fully. It’s when you surrender control, That you come upon the crack

Without shielding, Or trying to possess This knowing Of the Truth. It is ever-unfolding before you And you fall And fly In awe; Constantly changing, Ever-increasing LIGHT. And that is the Portal Of Grace

The Portal of Grace

Everything that happens at the Portal of Grace brings you into contact with your own Divine Wisdom. The Portal of Grace opens your heart to the magic and beauty hiding within you which enables you to receive all the good that life has to offer.

There are many ways to work with us at the Portal of Grace, both in person (in Santa Monica, CA) and at a distance. If you have any questions you can reach out via the contact form below. 

We look forward to welcoming you into the Portal of Grace.


Individual Healing Sessions

You can book an individual session with either Presence or Charu. You will find a detailed description of the work that they do along with an availability calendar.

Healing Blessing Prayers

A profound gift of healing that you won’t find anywhere else! Presence spends time every day sending you healing, visualising the outcome you want, calling in Grace and ease. The results are incredible and oh so affordable!

Intuitive Guidance on demand!

Our team of highly trained intuitives and psychics are here to support you with whatever it is you may need – when you have questions, we have answers. The uncanny results of listening to guidance make decision making so much easier!

Presence and Charusila

Brought together by Divine Decree from across the Globe, these two inspiring and compassionate healers are dedicated to making as much of a difference as they can during their brief wanderings on planet earth!

The Portal of Grace sprung out of their growing awareness that they needed to create a sacred space in which beings could release the heavy weight of the past and step into the remembrance of their true divine nature. 

Presence and Charusila bring a wealth of experience in the healing and creative arts along with many years of sincere spiritual practise. This dedication to truth above all else is what drew them together and inspired the creation of the Portal of Grace.

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