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Both Blessing (Presence) and Charu are available for in-person and distance healing sessions. We have an office in Santa Monica (very central) for in-person sessions.

Distance Healing Sessions are conducted by phone/internet – you will be given the appropriate information after booking.
Space Clearings can be conducted either in person at your space (if it’s local) or at a distance with you providing photographs.

Work with Blessing

Blessing Presence Grace

Blessing Presence Grace

Co-Founder & Healer Extraordinaire

Receiving a healing session from Blessing (Presence) is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself. She is immensely talented, a ‘natural’ healer who can intuitively tell exactly what is going on for you.
There are several ways to work with Blessing in the healing field, so please take a look around and ask questions if you’re unsure!

Personal Healing Session

Blessing will tailor the session to your exact needs, combining energy work, aromatherapy and bodywork (if you are coming in person), coaching/mentoring and practices to take home with you.

Ongoing Distance Healing

Blessing is extraordinarily skilled at holding a powerful healing intention for you, clearing blockages to your highest expression and bringing peace and clarity to whatever situation you are experiencing. 


Blessing provides an amazingly compassionate space of listening and reflection that will allow you to talk through and receive reflection on anything you are walking with. 

Work with Charusila

Charusila Grace

Charusila Grace

Co-Founder, Intuitive Healer, Spiritual Mechanic

Charusila has the capacity to see through the veils to the core of what is holding you back and supportively encourage your whole system to release and transform energies that are no longer serving you.
She is also able to work with you through dialogue to unpick the stories you are telling that prevent you from seeing the world as it is!
Charusila is currently available for distance sessions while she is away from Santa Monica.

In Person Healing Session

Deeply relaxing and powerfully transformational, Charusila offers healing sessions around the world depending on her current location – check calendar for availability:

Distance Healing Session

Always available no matter where you are in the world, this session is for you if you know you are ready for the deep work and don’t want to wait! 

Soul Alignment Sisterhood

The Soul Alignment Sisterhood is an amazing way to connect with the work Charu does and find out if it is a fit for you. Your first 30 days are FREE and include a guided meditation journey!

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