I am Blessing  “PRESENCE” GRACE, D.D.


Artist of the Performing, Social, & Healing Arts, Doctor of Divinity and Certified Counselor, Coach, Death Doula & Home Funeral Guide.

Helping You Receive Divine Grace & Goodness Every Single Day!
Blessing, inspiring and empowering beings to be their best selves and live up to their highest potential is one of my greatest joys. I discovered that “holding” people in a healing, harmonizing and “success” frequency, as well as utilizing various “tools” I refer to as “blessing and healing prayers” is extremely effective in accomplishing that intention.

Blessing Prayers month-to-month

For when you need a short-term infusion of blessings & Grace or you want to test its effectiveness.

Blessing Prayers Yearly

When you KNOW that you want to count on support day in and day out, for a limited time, it’s available for the entire year!
Helping You Achieve Transformation & Success.

Free Your Full Potential!
Welcome in joy, ease and grace.

One of the hardest things for us humans is to admit that we need support. It’s a crazy flaw in our design!  Presence Blessing offers you a gift of support that almost allows you to pretend you’re not asking for help!
The loving, supportive blessings that flow through her are so powerful and elicit mind-blowing transformation all without you having to lift a finger… although she often does! Employing a variety of “tools” from her many years in the healing and spiritual arts to support her clients and loved ones, even when they (consciously) don’t know that she’s doing it.

Transformational Energy Healing flowing in the background 24/7

Unending support for whatever is calling for your attention

Incredibly effective for all Physical Symptoms

Addresses the root cause of issues effortlessly

Enables you to attract everything else you need to create permanent transformation

Goal Setting

If you are struggling to fulfill on your intentions, there may be unconscious fears holding you back. Blessing will easily identify these patterns and help you to release them.

Stress Management

Stress seems to be our constant companion in the modern world.  Blessing brings an ease and lightness to your experience of life, enabling you to release stress and discover the source of harmony that is ideal for your constitution.

Relationship Challenges

All relationships experience challenges at times.  Blessing directs energy to the root of the issue(s), enabling resolution to occur effortlessly. And if moving on is truly the best/Divine outcome, the energy surrounding the whole situation will be full of Grace and Ease.

Physical Challenges

When it comes to physical challenges, Blessing is a master at infusing your system with the exact frequencies it needs to facilitate the healing your cells are craving.
It honestly has to be experienced to be believed… Chest infections transformed in 10 minutes, headaches disappeared… If you are struggling with a persistent health ‘complaint’, you’d be crazy to let this one pass you by!

What are Healing/Blessing Prayers? Who are they for?

Healing/Blessing Prayers are powerful invocations to the Divine that call forth the power of Grace and Goodness into your life, health, career, family and any other arena that you want to transform.
Blessing offers Healing and Blessing Prayers as a powerful way to continuously receive energetic support and guidance.

Anyone who is interested can sign up to receive Blessing and Healing Prayers. You can order for a month, six months or a year.

You are welcome to sign up family members and friends (with their permission). All the commonly asked questions are answered here to help you make a clear and informed choice!

If you don’t find the answer to your question, there’s a contact form at the bottom of the page – just ask away.


It's so cheap, does it really work?
I’m a sucker for a sob story! I’ve dedicated my life to helping people, often without charge at all. Many people throughout my life have attributed ‘miracles’ to working with me! I know that this gift that flows through me is not ‘mine’, it belongs to the Divine, and as such I want it to be available to everyone who requests it. I will always keep my prices as low as I can afford to ensure that everyone gets the help they need!
Are there any issues you can't help?
There are NO ‘lost causes’ in my experience. Everything can be healed or significantly improved.
Some people aren’t truly ready for healing, they’re more attached to their story of suffering than to the health they say they want, but even those type of issues can shift with enough loving kindness and care!
What about addictions?
Relief from addiction work MUST come from the person themselves. Frequently, it is concerned family and friends that want to help. DO NOT purchase these healing prayers for someone with addictions without their express consent and request.
If someone is truly ready to overcome addiction, Presence Blessing can facilitate an influx of energy that enables a persons reality to dramatically shift in a short space of time!
Can you work on children and infants?
From conception to the age of 12, I receive requests from parents to work on their childrens behalf. I will ALWAYS double check with Spirit and if I get a strong sense that the blessing prayers are going against the childs free will, I will not continue.
In vitro and infancy healing has a different quality than for adults, but is equally as powerful. It can support the flow of Grace, enabling children to attract the situations and circumstances that will best facilitate their growth. When working on a whole family, the energy will facilitate clear communication and open channels of love and respect between all the family members.
Over the age of 12 I ask you to explain the situation to your child and let them make an informed decision!
Can I buy blessing prayers for my Fur-Baby?
Absolutely! I love animals almost more than I love humans! Blessing prayers are incredibly effective for animals, they respond SO well to love and nourishment.
Rescue animals respond especially well to blessing prayers, the love infusion often calms their challenges and brings out their unique gifts.

About Me

For as long as I can remember, I’ve loved praying for people. Not in a religious way, but by holding their frequency in their highest evolutionary vibration. At times I implement things I’ve trained in and learned along the way. Other times it is an intuitive process, or simply knowing and feeling the intended transformation someone is choosing or moving towards manifesting gracefully.

There is nothing I love more than thinking good thoughts and sending love and positive energy to those I care about. It’s fun for me and perhaps that is why I often receive unsolicited feedback for how effective it is. I used to do it secretly for people in my life, but after being “found out”, I was encouraged to offer it as one of my services and to charge for it, as it consumes a fair amount of my consciousness and time.

It came as quite a surprise to me when people started reporting miracles occurring after I had prayed or done blessing treatments for/on them. At first I didn’t take it seriously, but slowly I had to adjust my thinking as the results kept pouring in. It is only thanks to some serious advocacy on the part of friends that I am making these prayers available to you today. Sign up quick before I change my mind!

Got Questions?

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A few satisfied customers…

“Your work with me was nothing short of miraculous and life changing! Your voice is pure magic and straight from the Divine! What a blessing you will be to all courageous and smart enough to work with you! ”
Cate Carnegie

Napier, New Zealand

“I am not one to believe in anything I can’t physically see or identify. I never believed in healers, yet somehow knew you were one and that you could help me. I came to you at a time that nothing worked and my life was quickly coming to an end. You not only saved my life but managed to transform it dramatically. If there is such a thing as an angel or a miracle worker, you are one.”
Stephen Sharmat

Los Angeles, California

“I cannot begin to tell you the impact you had on my life! Your healing & blessings brought solace, comfort and transformation in an area I thought would never change! Your hands are like velvet light and your voice straight from the heavens. I cannot begin to express how grateful I am!”
Toni Bua

Los Angeles, California

“I have to tell you what happened last week, you blew my mind! I was in extreme pain with a chest infection, coughing was like daggers in my whole respiratory tract. I reached out to you and you said you’d start the prayers, but I knew you were busy so I figured it would take a while to start…
About 10 mins later I started wandering around and thinking – I wonder what happened, I feel suddenly SO MUCH better… I did not put 2 and 2 together!
For the next 2 hours I kept saying to myself ‘it’s like a miracle, I just feel so different, I don’t know what happened’. After about 2 hours it dawned on me that it was!
All pain was gone permanently, never to return, and my chest is easily releasing any residue of the infection without suffering!”
Charlotte Field

London, United Kingdom

“Unbelievable experience. I wasn’t sure what I was in for but and there was a power working over me that was quite telling. I felt a huge shift!
I have worked with tons of healers and practitioners, and took thousand of dollars worth of products. Nothing I did had any impact until you. And the most amazing thing is that it lasted.”
Michael Landman

Santa Monica, California

“I swear you are a prayer Ninja! Your prayers work so fast and in such mysterious ways… I moved house and my landlady refused to let me keep my cat in my room. The cat sitter fell through and I was at a loss. I reached out to you and less than 24 hours later, my landlady completely changed her mind and agreed for my cat to stay with me! I am SO happy”
Astraea Grace

“Huge thanks to you! A true soldier of the light you are! Listening to and being with the Lotus One World Mantra has some kind of magic in it! And your prayers helped so much! You are light! You are love! You’re unforgettable!”
Mariem Marghadi

Amsterdam, Netherlands

“Thank you for being an incredible being of light. You hold and heal others in deep and profound ways, with angel hands and a heart as big as the sky! You are doing sacred work. I know there’s a lot of thanks-giving being done for you by so many, but it has to be said that you are one of the angels of the Earth! You are a guide to all of us, including the lightworkers assisting humanity in these holy days of change.”
Cecile Mirananda

Los Angeles, California

Trust Yourself!
Take the pressure off and allow yourself to be supported…

I know it can be really hard to trust that healing work is actually going to work. That’s why I’ve made it super-easy for you. Try me out for a month and see how you feel. If you don’t notice ANY difference at all, you can simply cancel your subscription!
But if you LOVE IT, like I’m pretty sure you will, you can upgrade before the end of the Month and you will benefit from the reduced pricing for 6 months or a year!

Don’t Wait Any Longer.
Start Receiving Blessing Prayers Today!

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