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We have Intuitive Guidance!

Our team of highly skilled and intuitive guides, coaches, counselors and healers will respond to all your questions at a fraction of the price you would pay to get ‘answers’ through other professional methods (i.e. psychic readings, guidance counseling, personal coaching, etc.)


Charusila has been living from Guidance for the last 15 years and it has carried her all around the globe offering healing work! She receives intuitive hits throughout the day and is happy to share this gift with those who are still honing their own intuition.


Blessing aka “Presence“ is deeply committed to the upliftment and transformation of humanity. Her vision is that we all live by following inner guidance. She offers this, and all of her services, out of her dedication to supporting every being to fulfill their highest potential. 


Astraea has a unique way of receiving guidance that harnesses the amazing gifts of her Energy System. We’re lucky to have her on our team!
When she tunes into your system, you automatically receive healing simultaneously. 

You will receive Intuitive Guidance from at least 2 team members. We cannot always guarantee that everyone will be available to answer your question in a timely manner (we are human after all!)

  Helping You Find Solutions to all your Questions!

Feel Like You Need Support to Stay on Track? We’re Here to Help!

Making decisions is tough, especially in todays world where we’re faced with a constant stream of inputs. 
Luckily there is an easier way!
Making decisions from the mind simply doesn’t work. Your cognitive faculties can report very well on what they’ve already experienced, but they cannot synthesize information from the unknown to make an informed decision.
The Portal of Grace Intuitive Guidance team will tune into all the forces surrounding your situation and provide you with information that your mind could not have come to through the thinking process alone.

What Is Intuitive Guidance?

Seeing beyond the veils

If we rely on the ‘facts’ that we have access to, we can be misled. Intuitive Guidance connects you with the forces at play that may be not be obvious to the ‘naked eye’.

A deeper source of information

People are not always as trustworthy as we’d like them to be! It’s easy to be led astray by the information and systems that other people believe in. Intuitive Guidance is specific for YOU. It takes into account your Divine Nature and makes suggestions in accordance with what is truly beneficial and for your highest good.

Taking the Mind out of the picture

The mind can get very attached to what it wants and identified with what it believes. Intuitive Guidance cuts through the noise and allows you to connect to a deeper vibration of truth and Divine Direction.

How Do I know If Intuitive Guidance is Right For Me?

You will likely have been craving this kind of support for a long time… Thoughts like ‘I wish someone would just tell me what to do’ or ‘why didn’t life come with an instruction manual?’ are indicators that your experience is that thinking isn’t working FOR YOU.
This is not a judgement on whether or not thinking and deciding is valuable across the board.  In the end it is irrelevant what works for someone else. The only thing that matters is what works for you!
Each of us on the team has discovered that in our own lives, living by the mind simply doesn’t work. That’s why we started relying on guidance; our own unique intuitive “hook-up” or “portal” to the Divine Creative Intelligence that governs all of life.  And now we’re extending that opportunity to you. 
Ultimately we want you to get connected to your own source of guidance and clarity. We offer this service in the interim, to help you get back on track and trusting the  gentle prods you’ve already been receiving from your intuition!
You can turn to us for additional support if if you’re having trouble trusting your own inner knowing or you feel blocked from receiving it fully.

How do I know that I can trust you?

We are NOT going to tell you what to do. Every decision is still in your hands. We provide you with more information than you would normally have access to, and a breakdown of potential influences and energies that you may not be aware of.

What if I don't agree with what you tell me?

Just as with any teacher, guide or coach, you are never under any obligation to follow what we share with you. When you receive the guidance that has come to us, you will be provided with a guided process to support you to receive the feedback. We understand that the mind may try to filter the information to get it’s own way, so we do everything we can to support you to feel what is ultimately true for you.

I have SO many questions, where should I start?

We totally understand! It’s a common problem.
Our advice is to start with something meaningful but not ‘essential’. You want to have some skin in the game so you can get familiar with all the ways your mind tries to negotiate with guidance!

Is there anything I can do to change the outcome?

We won’t get into a heavy discussion of ‘free-will’ right here! Essentially, what we have found is that guidance only wants the best for you. So even if the outcome of our guidance is not what your mind wants ‘right now’ that doesn’t mean you won’t feel differently down the road. The more you lean into guidance, the more ease and grace you tend to experience on a daily basis.

Can I ask questions for/about other peoples decisions?

We REALLY encourage you to keep your questions focused on you and the decisions you need to make. It’s natural to care and want other people to make good decisions, but you have to learn to let the people you deeply care about make their own decisions!
You can share this page with them and encourage them to get help if you think they are off-track, but we cannot support you to ‘interfere’ or try to influence someone else’s decision making process!

Our Approach

Every person on our Intuitive Guidance team has a different way of “tuning in” to guidance and that is a gift when it comes to you. 

We each have our unique experiences and perspectives, so unlike asking one single ‘psychic’ or reader, you will be getting a variety of perspectives.

In general we have found that we each see a different side of the same picture, so invariably our individual feedback will work together to create a comprehensive picture of what is going on for you and the best approach to take in your specific situation.

It is not unusual for us all to get the same answer when meditating on a question, query or concern. At other times we each receive a necessary ‘piece of the puzzle’ which helps to resolve the issue your question was addressing.

How It Works


Purchase a Package

When you purchase you will be directed to a form where you can fill in the details of your question – the main question and any ‘pertinent’ information you think we might need (we don’t need an essay, it generally helps when we’re not ‘biased’ with too much data). 

We'll tune in for you

Each of us will tune in for you at a time suitable for our schedules, within the 24 hour window after you submit your question.
At times we may tune in together. 
Either way, we will make a note of all the guidance that came for you – both direct and indirect answers.

You will receive an email

After 24 hours (or less) you will receive an email that contains both the guidance that was received for you and some guidelines of use/best practice.
We want you to be able to receive the guidance and feel how it lands with you, so we recommend a short guided meditation to get centred and internally quiet before reading or listening to the guidance we provide.

One Simple Question

If your issue is straightforward or you want to try us out. We will respond to your question within 24 hours


One question with 2 follow-ups

The follow-ups need to be related to the initial question. If you are asking a more complex question, or one that is in several parts.
For example: Initial Question: Should I move house?
Follow up 1: Same town/area or somewhere new?
Follow up 2: Should I start out renting in the new place until I find my feet, or purchase immediately?


More Details

You will not be required to submit the follow-up questions at the time of the initial question submission. The follow ups are designed to allow you to work with the guidance you have received and clarify anything that the initial guidance stirred up.

3 Question Package

Including Follow-up questions when appropriate. 


More Details

This package allows you to relax into Intuitive Guidance and support over a period of weeks or months. You can submit a question whenever you feel the pull, up to the package limit. If follow-up questions are required, you will be able to ask them too.

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