BioLumina Spirulina Sample Pack


1 Week Supply of BioLumina Spirulina drop-shipped direct to you anywhere in the Continental United States.



The multi-celled, fresh-water microalgae, Spirulina, is estimated to be 3.6 billion years old. As one of the oldest living organisms on Earth, Spirulina contains the wisdom of the ages and the genetic history of all life on earth. During these billions of years Spirulina has evolved to thrive unlike any other life form on earth. Unique among all species on Earth, it does not compete with any other organism in order to survive. It simply lives where nothing else will live. It’s consciousness has evolved beyond competition into a higher dimensional state. For thousands of years indigenous peoples of Africa and the Americas have consumed Spirulina as a protein source and a means of elevating their consciousness. Through the work of early pioneers such as Dr. Hiroshi Nakamura of Japan, our mentor Dr. Christopher Hills of England and others, Spirulina has been brought to the attention of modern society.

Biolumina Spirulina is the premier Spirulina on earth. Grown in the pristine California desert, it naturally contains 2 to 3 times as much of the healing pigment phycocyanin as any other brand. It is further enhanced by our proprietary Quantum Infusion process which adds healing energy patterns to the Spirulina. Quantum infusion represents the latest scientific research into what indigenous people understood for thousands of years. Working through the body’s Meridian system, it brings balance and healing on multiple levels. BioLumina is non-GMO, non-irradiated, high vibration nutrition! No other Spirulina even comes close! We invite you to experience the difference for yourself.

This will allow you to purchase a week’s supply of BioLumina Spirulina so you can try it for yourself. You will also receive information on adding BioLumina to your diet on an ongoing basis. If you are interested in learning more about becoming a distributor of BioLumina, you will soon be able to subscribe to a series of emails that will introduce you to the benefits of doing so, both personally and financially.


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