Sacred Flight Attendant

Sacred Flight Attendant

“Presence” BLESSING Grace, Certified Thanatologist

I am “Presence” aka BLESSING. I believe life is a classroom. Whether we learn enough to become teachers or not, we all teach by how we approach living and dying. And whether we are willing to learn or not, we are all students in the curriculum of living, which includes death.

Following 3-near death experiences and witnessing numerous deaths at an early age and throughout my life, I became interested in end of life care, spiritual practices that assisted those in transition, and in what I refer to as “conscious dying”.
I have spent the last 20 years as a certified hospice volunteer, death midwife and home funeral guide, as well as working with communities and private clients as a Transition Coach, Completion and Grief and Loss Counselor; essentially everything as related to transitioning from this life to the consciousness that survives once our heartbeat stops and, what in Tibetan Buddhism is referred to as the 6 Bardo states*.

I also have more than 20 years experience with “circle work”, as both a participant, facilitator, trainer, and mentor.

After 60+ deaths (many of them family and friends as well as pets), I know the terrain in all it’s various stages and tapestries.

My spiritual journey and personal growth work has included many wonderful teachings and trainings, certifications, and classes, etc. both on the healing and counseling, as well as the creative arts.

My goal is to help those in the process of transitioning (and their loved ones) experience the transitioning process as a sacred and integral part of life, with all the incredible blessings it offers. Rather than fearing death, I help my clients look forward to “graduating”.
If this seems unfathomable; you’re not alone. Of the 3 deepest fears; death and dying are on the very top, followed closely by public speaking. Like public speaking, the terror of death can not only be easily and gracefully overcome, but evolve into a portal of illumination and grace, so that those who are facing the completion of their current life cycle in form can access the possibility not only of personal transformation and awakening, but being at the cause for transforming the lives of their loved ones, leaving a powerful legacy of love that reaches far beyond their own communities.

Yes, it may take courage and the willingness to be vulnerable and open-minded/hearted, starting with yourself, but you don’t have to face it alone and I guarantee you; it is so worth the journey!

Let’s take that flight together.

In loving kindness,


Bedside Singing

As the founder of Sacred Singing, I provide a trained bedside choir, as well as personal serenades with vocals and/or musicians to those on hospice care.
This service is offered free of charge and donations are always welcome!

Hospice Care

As a certified hospice volunteer (schedule permitting), I am available for those of hospice; especially children, veterans, and those who would otherwise die alone.
I also provide “pawspice” (hospice services for pets).

Transition Coaching

Preparing for your own death can be a magical life experience. One that contributes powerfully to your own soul and those you’re connected with.
I offer many resources of support on this sacred journey and ultimate flight, including blessing and healing treatments (& prayers), designed to ease your spirit’s journey toward its highest evolution.

Completion Ceremonies (before and after death)

Often before and/or after someone dies, tensions can be high, there can be unspoken grievances, loss, or difficulty coming to terms with a loved ones transition. Things may not have gone as “planned”, unspoken feelings and resentments may still occupy the space, etc., etc. My goal is to transform these challenges into grace and understanding.
I offer completion circles for family, loved ones, and community members (which can but does not necessarily include the person “graduating”).

Home Funerals, Memorials Ceremonies & Sacred Singing 🎵

As a Certified Home Funeral Guide I have a large network of resources for all of the above as well as offering these services (schedule permitting).
Similar to our hospice choir, my talented band of musicians and singers and I are also available to for musical meditations, healing and blessing prayers.

Sacred Flight Membership Site

Conscious Death is not limited to those who are facing a terminal diagnosis or have recently lost a loved one. Everyone, at every stage of life, even children, can benefit from engaging with the reality of their own impending death and the deaths of those they love. 
I have created a safe space where those of us who want to explore what it means to die consciously can meet and share freely. Each week we look at a different topic and explore our responses and reactions to the stages and phases of choosing to die consciously, even while you’re still very much alive!

Hop on the phone with me?

I understand that it can be difficult to navigate all the options, especially if you are experiencing shock or grief with a recent diagnosis for yourself or a loved one.
I am here to support you in understanding what service, or combination of services, would most suit you (and your loved ones) at this time.
If you are uncertain what to book, or would like to discuss a larger event or long term care, please book a call on the booking page. I will help you decipher whether I am the right person for you, and if so, how to move forward. You are welcome to choose not to pay for this call up front. At the end, if you feel that you want to give me a donation towards the time I’ve spent with you, please let me know!

Blessing Presence Grace

Since childhood, I have been an artist (mainly in the performance arena), an intuitve healer and meditator.

With both of my parents being “natural healers”, and having professions in the healing arts, as well as both healing themselves from terminal diseases in their adulthood, I started meditating and healing work in my childhood.

My mother’s thriving acting career came to a halt when she was diagnosed with a terminal illness and when I was 8 years old, I contracted my own life threatening illness. Both of these experiences taught me that I had the ability to help heal myself (& others). This started me on the path of becoming certified in multiple healing, counseling and coaching modalities (complete list is available upon request), and I began working as a “healer” starting in my teens.

I look forward to meeting you in the healing field and serving your deepest evolution.

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